Dear Massi, Can you advise me something? My daughter has friend who she wants to marry.  Both work together, both have good jobs.

But he is very very dark. Too dark actually. Already my family are making comments saying children will be dark.
Also he is not good looking. Nothing nice about his face. And he is little bit shorter than my daughter.

My daughter is the most beautiful girl in the family. Everybody always mentioning how beautiful she is.

I cannot believe she will marry this man. He is opposite of what she deserves

Please, you tell me how I can change her mind?

Massi says: It is natural for you to have your daughter’s best interests at heart, but your concerns are only superficial ones.

You have not mentioned anything about this man’s personality.

If your daughter has made the decision to marry this man, you should embrace her decision rather than be so unfairly critical of his appearance.

Your daughter’s happiness should be more important to you than what her husband looks like.

If you continue to demean her future husband in this way, you may risk alienating your daughter. 

What’s important is that your daughter and this man make each other happy.