Dear Massi, I want some advice. I just got married for the second time.

My first marriage only lasted a year. I am not in contact with her anymore.

My new wife keeps asking me to see photos of my first wife.

I have the wedding album but I don’t want to show it to her.

My first wife was much prettier than my new wife and skinnier than her too.

I know my wife will feel really insecure after seeing the photos.

She asks me every day. Shall I just show it to her?

Massi Says: It is natural that your new wife would like to know a little bit about your first wife.

You have pre-empted a reaction from her that may not even happen.

It is better to begin your marriage by being honest and transparent.

By concealing the wedding album, you are behaving like a guilty party who has something to hide.

You are now divorced from your first wife and as you said you are not in contact with her.

There is no reason to hide the album from your wife.