Dear Massi, A good friend of mine is getting married, but my wife is kicking up a fuss because my friend sent me the invitation on WhatsApp.

My wife says it’s an insult to be invited this way and that they should have posted it by first class post.

She says it will demean her to go to the wedding.

I can’t see what the big deal is.

An invitation is an invitation whether it’s on a card or whether it’s digital.

I can’t miss my friend’s wedding, but my wife has stopped talking to me over this. 
What can I do?

Massi says: It is not uncommon in this day and age to receive invitations via email or through a Facebook group or in your case WhatsApp.

It is likely that many people received their wedding invitations on WhatsApp too and that it wasn’t just you and your wife.

Tell your wife that you value your friendship with the groom too much to let it get affected by something as trivial as the manner in which the invitation arrived to you.

Explain to your wife that her stance is upsetting you and that you would like her to attend the wedding with you.