Dear Massi, I am in an awkward situation and don’t know how to get out of it tactfully.

My brother is getting married soon. His fiancee asked me if I would cater her wedding for her as I have a food business. 

I was delighted and accepted. 

Then she said this could be my wedding present to her.

I told her that I can’t afford to do that but that I could offer a discounted rate.

She got upset and hasn’t spoken to me since.

I explained myself to my brother, but he is staying away from all wedding planning and doesn’t want to get involved. What shall I do?

Massi says, You were absolutely right to stand your ground.

It was presumptuous of your future sister-in-law to make that request and expect it to be met. 

Whilst she may be upset with you, your priority is your business and you cannot be expected to cater a wedding that exceeds your own budget.

Don’t let this matter upset you and understand that you have not acted inappropriately.