Dear Massi, My mother-in-law is so obsessed with cleaning. She makes me feel like a really messy child.

Whenever I go round for dinner, and if I drop a piece of food, or salt happens to land on the kitchen floor, she will leave her meal and will start hoovering while I am still eating. 

Other times she will get the sponge and clean the table in the middle of the dinner over and over again.

It makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Although she never actually complains to me, I can tell that I make her feel really anxious. Should I stop eating there?

Massi says, Your mother-in-law may suffer from OCD, (obsessive compulsive disorder). In this case, this means her urge to clean is very strong in order to alleviate her anxiety. 

Her actions are not personal against you, but rather, it could be a compulsion. 

If her actions are causing you undue stress, then perhaps it would be better to avoid visiting during meal times.