Dear Massi, I hope you can help me. I am going through a really bad patch at home. 

All we seem to argue about is how much she hates my crocs and how I never put the bowls in the right place of the dishwasher, or how I leave a water mess around the sink when I wash up.

My wife is always criticising me. She even threw my favourite hoody in the bin. I managed to take it out before the bins were collected, which made her really angry.

She cares more about her cushions than me.

She has made me sleep on the floor numerous times, but if her precious cushions land on the floor by mistake she goes mental.

All these silly arguments are exhausting me. Any advice would be welcome.

Massi says, Constant bickering leads to stress for both parties involved.

You have implied the arguments are taking their toll on your health.

It is important to talk to your wife and explain how the arguments are making you feel.

Ask her how she feels too.

Communication is key in order to work through this.