Dear Massi, I am so upset.  My sister-in-law keeps going on about how much weight I’ve gained since having my baby. 

She tells people I only wear shalwar kameez because it’s the only thing that fits me comfortably. 

She keeps asking me how much I weigh and what size my clothes are.  She even checked the label of my jacket to see the size.

It’s like she enjoys humiliating me.   I don’t know how to handle her.

Massi Says, After having a baby, you are doubtless tired and adjusting to a new routine.

You certainly do not need to feel any unnecessary pressure about your weight.

Tell your sister-in-law firmly that your priority is your baby and not your body.

Explain to her that you are content with the way you look and that is all that matters.

Do not be afraid to exert yourself.

Your sister-in-law has not extended any diplomacy when discussing your weight with you.
Be firm so that she understands this subject is not open for further discussion.