Dear Massi,  My mother in law is such an embarrassing woman. 

Every time I take her out shopping, she will argue with the sales assistants or managers. She makes a big deal about prices and starts speaking really loudly in Punjabi. 

She will always insult them. My mother-in-law shouted at the butcher and called him a “besharam chor.”

She even started with the woman who threads my eyebrows. My mother-in-law asked to come with me to get her eyebrows done too. 

She wasn’t happy with the result and didn’t pay her and called her “a stupid nikamee aurat’.

Now if I go back to the eyebrow lady, my mother in law will say I’m betraying her. 

I don’t know what to do. 

Massi says, This situation is incredibly awkward and uncomfortable for you.

Explain the situation to your husband and suggest he take his mother out for the errands, rather than you being subjected to her volatile moods. 

Try to avoid taking your mother in law to anywhere where you have a good rapport with the business in question so as not to damage your relationship with them.