Dear Massi, I feel so humiliated. I met a guy at uni and we have been getting on so well.

When I told one of my friend’s how much I liked him, she told me he wasn’t worth it.

At first I thought she was just a bit jealous. 

After I kept asking her why she would say that, she told me that he told his group of friend’s that he would have gone out with me if it wasn’t for my hairy forehead.

No-one has ever said anything so hurtful about me before. This has really affected my confidence. 

Can you tell me what to do?

Massi says, This man has been incredibly insensitive and immature about you.

You are better off without the company of someone who views women in such a superficial manner.

This is a poor reflection of his character. Do not let someone of this nature affect your confidence.

You deserve someone who talks about you respectfully.

Put this man behind you and do not waste your energy on someone who is so derogatory about women.