Dear Massi, My fiancé is nice enough, but he has a really bad habit of paying with coins.

It’s really embarrassing when we are out and he pulls out this plastic coin bag full of 5p and 10p coins. 

He never leaves a tip.  It’s so awkward when he is counting the coins out to pay the exact amount. He is so tight with money.  He was complaining that his brother hasn’t paid him back £3.50 for chicken and chips.

When we went to the cinema, he brought a rucksack with him and made me pick snacks from Tesco so I wouldn’t buy anything from the cinema. 

Then he didn’t even take me out for dinner afterwards saying the snacks should have filled me.

I don’t know if I can live with this kind of man. Please advise.

Massi says, We all have our own respective idiosyncrasies and habits. 

If you are that concerned about your fiancé paying with coins, why not offer to pay yourself or suggest splitting the cost. You said that your fiancé is a ‘nice’ person. 

It is up to you now to decide whether you feel he is nice enough to marry without feeling overtly critical of him.

If, however, his behaviour is something you feel you cannot accept, then it would be better to let him know sooner.