Dear Massi, I think my wife is going through some sort of mid-life crisis.

She is actually jealous of my new car.

She makes such a big deal because I won’t let her eat in my car.

She said the car gets more attention than she does and that I spend all my spare time with the car.

After I spent a Sunday afternoon cleaning my car instead of taking her shopping, she lost her temper and scratched my car right down the side. I don’t think I can forgive her. 

Massi says, Treating a car like a hobby is your choice. However, a hobby should not interfere with personal relationships.

Whilst your wife’s reaction was aggressive, it seems she has appealed to you verbally and you have chosen not to respond to her concerns.

Rather than being angry at her, talk to your wife about how she feels. Listen to her without being defensive. Making time for each other as a couple and communicating with each other is a very important part of a marriage.

The scratch on your car can be fixed. Focus now on repairing your relationship with your wife.