Dear Massi, I met a man online with the intention for marriage.

After months of talking we decided to meet up for dinner.

After we sat down, he pulled out his phone and started watching football on it.

I couldn’t believe it.

I asked him to put his phone away and he said it was an important match which he had to watch.

Then he said I should be grateful he still came out to meet me even though the date clashed with his match.

This was our first meeting. Surely he could have shown more courtesy or met on a different day.

I don’t think I should meet him again but my parents are telling me to give him another chance.

I am confused.

Massi says, There is no wonder you were left feeling indignant after this episode.

There is a certain etiquette when meeting someone for dinner.

In your case, meeting for the first time should entail attention on each other rather than on his phone.

It is further disconcerting that this man expected you to feel “grateful” that he came to meet you.

It would be better for you to trust your own instincts about this man.

If his behaviour is causing you doubt in the every first meeting, it would be better for you to meet somebody who is more compatible.