Dear Massi, I’m getting to know a woman for marriage. I like her a lot. She cares about me a lot and pretty much worships the ground I walk on.

I have one issue. She’s overweight. She eats more than me. And the sofa creaks when she sits down. The flat actually looks smaller when she’s in it. 

I know I sound cruel but if she’s this big in her early 20s, she’ll only get bigger with time. 

My mum says all girls lose weight before marriage but this one is a bit too comfortable in her own skin. Is it a mistake marrying her?

Massi says, Your attitude towards this woman who you say adores you is incredibly harsh and overly negative. 

By focusing on her weight you are taking her for granted.

Your comments are unnecessarily demeaning. 

It is her body and if she is comfortable this way, that is her choice.

If you can’t accept her being herself then it would be better for her to be with someone who appreciates her.