Dear Massi, I’ve been getting to know this girl for a view to marriage.

We have been friends and been getting to know each other. 

We seem to have clicked and got on well. We have spoken over the phone and have been texting quite frequently.

I’ve met up with her only once, we were supposed to have met up on another occasion but she had to cancel. I was a little annoyed and texted her saying ‘Fine, we don’t have to met at all then.’

I’m sure she took it the wrong way because since then I have not heard from her.

I had been giving her space as she had been ignoring my texts and calls.

Eventually I received some text replies and got an indication that she was upset and angry with me. I did apologise a few times.

She seems to think that I act like we’re together. I told her I’m not trying to.

She then said we’re not compatible which I found strange and she told me it’s because I’m rude. I wasn’t intentionally trying to be rude.

She seems to be quite bitter and did say that I should move onto someone I like.

Maybe she was under the impression I don’t like her.

I did feel compatible with her and still do. There’s something there I’m sure but I don’t want to pester her. I’ve known her for over a year and I was there when she needed me or money. Is it  worth working on or shall I just leave it?

Massi says, There appears to be a misunderstanding coming from a lack of communication between you and this woman.

Although you appear to have invested a lot of time and emotional energy into getting to know her, it seems this has not been reciprocated. 

By telling you that she does not think you are compatible and that she thinks you should move on, she has made her stance clear, as harsh as it is to hear.

Although you still have feelings for her, it would be better for you to try and close this chapter.
Do not be disheartened. It would be far better to be in a relationship where the feelings are mutual.

You deserve better than to be treated in this kind of dismissive manner.