Dear Massi, My husband is such a drama queen.

He has a mild cold and he is acting like he’s dying. He keeps texting hourly updates to his mum.

His mum thinks I am not looking after him properly and keeps making 'taanay' at me.

 He is posting about his man flu on Facebook. It’s pathetic. He gets a sore throat and headache and it’s like the world is collapsing. 

His mum is telling him to stay in bed over a headache. but even the Dr said he doesn’t need antibiotics.

I already have a sick one-year-old, but I can’t deal with a grown man baby.

What can I do?

Massi says: It is no wonder your patience has been stretched.

Looking after a baby who is unwell is exhausting in itself without having to contend with an adult who is dependent on you as well as pressure from his mother.

Speak to your husband and explain that you simply cannot give him the attention he requires whilst you are taking care of a sick infant. 

Tell him also that whilst it is understandable that his mother is concerned about him, her negative comments towards you are only exacerbating your current stress levels.

Explain that you understand that he is not feeling well, but it is your child that must get priority.