Dear Massi, After the Pulwana attacks, the tension between Pakistan and India has escalated.

To make matters worse, they have yet again mixed politics with entertainment.

Banning the release of Bollywood films in Pakistan, banning Pakistani artists and singers etc.

I understand that these Indian actors love their country but they all fail to realise that they do have fans in Pakistan who they have really upset.

I live in the UK and my family has literally grown up watching Bollywood movies.

I will feel ashamed of myself if I continue watching their movies and songs because deep inside we all know that they dislike our country and us.

Even if I try to quit, it's difficult because my sisters will not quit because they have never taken politics seriously. What should I do?

Massi says, It is understandable that you are passionate and loyal towards your cultural heritage.

This really is a personal decision and it would be unfair to impose your choice on your family.

Watching Bollywood films for most people is simply a form of escapism and enjoyment rather than a political statement.

However, if you feel strongly about the personal political allegiances of certain actors, then boycotting Bollywood films is your prerogative.