Dear Massi, Me and my husband have been arguing non-stop for the last few months and his parents are the cause.

I have been telling him for years that I want to send our kids to private school.

He never actually agreed, but he never outright said no.

Now he has spent all his savings on buying his parents a new house and says we can't afford private school.

I am so angry with him and his greedy parents.

I don't know what to do.

Massi says, Making a decision about school choices should be a joint decision taken with a unanimous approach.

It appears your husband is not particularly keen on private education, so in order to reach a concrete decision, ask him to have a serious conversation about what schools you both think are best for your children.

With regards to your husband buying a house for his parents, you seem to have taken a rather unkind and harsh approach to a wonderful gesture from a son to his parents.

Rather than calling your parents-in-law "greedy," try and consider the situation with more kindness.

If you are concerned about money, talk to your husband to gain a clearer and more transparent insight into what your personal finances entail.