Dear Massi, I met a guy recently through an introduction. 

We have gone on a few dates but both sets of parents are putting a bit of pressure on us to decide if we are going to get married.

He is really good on paper- great job, has his own house and car, is happy with me not working, good salary, decent head of hair, good enough looks throughout the family so my kids should be good looking.

But there are a few things that I can’t seem to get over.  He has a high pitched voice which I still can’t get used to.

Also he tells a lot of jokes which aren’t very funny, but he laughs at his own jokes and slaps his thighs every time he laughs.

My mum thinks I am being fussy and that I’ll never get another rishta like him again. How do I decide?

Massi says, It seems that you have approved the more superficial qualities that this man possesses. 

It is now time to ask yourself if you enjoy his company and if you get on with each other.

Speak to your parents and say that you cannot make a decision under pressure. Speak to the man in question also and ask him how feels.

Perhaps spending a bit more time in his company will help you decide how you feel about him.

A successful marriage is not based on financial assets but on love, communication and understanding.

It is better to be honest with yourself and with him about your feelings.