Dear Massi, I live with my in-laws and because I stay at home, I asked if I could do the cooking instead of my mother-in-law.

At first she was happy about it saying she was happy to get a break from cooking.

Ever since my father-in-law said he prefers my rotees to hers, she hasn’t been talking to me properly.

It’s not my fault he likes mine better.

I don’t know why she thinks it’s a competition.

I told my husband to tell her that he likes her rotees more just to balance it out but she still seems to be annoyed about it.

Can you give a suggestion because I don’t know how to fix this.

Massi says, It is very thoughtful of you to be cooking for your in-laws.

It seems, however, that your mother-in-law is feeling left out having given up something that she may have spent most of her adult life doing.

Whilst her reaction to her husband complimenting your cooking is unnecessarily adverse, try and include her in the cooking so that she still feels involved.

Perhaps take turns cooking or ask her to cook alongside you so that she still feels she is part of the process.