Dear Massi, I came to visit my sister up North after her wedding for the first time.

My brother-in-law took me swimming during my visit.

After the swim we were walking back towards the lockers and he stopped by the hairdryers.

He started drying his chest hair which I thought was unusual.

I said I’ll go back and change, but he asked me to wait and if I could dry his back hair for him. 

I was shocked and a bit grossed out by it.

I did it, but I have never seen anyone do that when they go swimming. I wouldn’t even do that at home, let alone in public.

I am now dreading my next visit. How do I get out of swimming diplomatically?

Massi says, Everyone has their own specific cleaning and drying routines.

Whilst this may have seemed unusual to you, it may be the norm for your brother-in-law to blow dry his body hair.

If this makes you feel too uncomfortable, simply tell your brother that you do not wish to go swimming, or perhaps choose another sport you can both take part in that does not involve getting wet.