Dear Massi, My boyfriend has finally convinced his parents to meet mine as we want to get married.

They were really hesitant as they think they are a higher class than us and that we are not good enough. 

When they came round they said they couldn’t believe their son wanted to marry the daughter of a taxi driver. They kept speaking in English just to throw their weight around.

They refused to eat any of the food served and looked at it like it was dirty.

Then when his mum asked to use the bathroom, she pulled out a towel from her bag and brought that with her. 

My parents were so insulted.

After they left, they told me I should not marry my boyfriend and that his mum would constantly put me down and I would be miserable for life. I don’t know what to do.

Massi says: It is important to remember that your parents are simply looking out for your best interests and are trying to protect you.

Talk to your boyfriend and determine how he feels about the meeting.

Explain that your parents were hurt and that in turn has had an adverse effect on you. 

Ask him to speak to his parents to find a more diplomatic approach.

Tell him that you would like both sets of parents to have a friendly relationship with each other.

Essentially it is you and your boyfriend who will be building a life together. 

Parents will play a role in your lives naturally, but their level of input can be controlled by you both as a couple.