Dear Massi, My wife is obsessed with Instagram and getting as many likes as possible.

She over shares regularly and she knows I hate putting our personal lives on display.

But she went too far when my mother was admitted into hospital.

My mum wasn’t conscious and my wife went and took a selfie of her sitting on the bed, holding my mum’s hand.

The irony is, she has always complained about my mum and has never held her hand or said a kind word to her face.

Now she is parading this picture on Instagram as if she is so distressed over my mum’s illness.

And she is proud of the fact that this picture has gotten her the most likes to date.
I have enough stress to deal with, but I don’t know how to handle my wife’s selfishness.

Massi says, This is indeed a difficult time for you and you need to retain your energy and emotional strength.

Taking selfies and sharing them on social media has become a very normal part of some people’s lives, but in your situation, boundaries need to be established.
Talk to your wife and explain kindly that you do not wish family photos, particularly sensitive ones, to be shared on social media.

Rather than garnering likes and comments from people online, tell your wife that you need her tangible support during this time.