Dear Massi, My parents buy groceries in mass amounts so they don’t need to go out too often.

This includes household cleaning things and food items that won’t go off.

Every time we run out of those things, my wife goes over to my parents house under the pretext of visiting them and then she comes back with bags full of toilet cleaners, toilet roll, toothpaste, rice and even shampoo and soap. 

My parents have no idea. It feels like she’s stealing from them.  I have told her we can afford to buy our own groceries. 

She says we should save that money for a holiday. 

This habit of hers is making me uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do. 

Massi says, It is understandable that you are feeling uncomfortable about items being taken from your parents home without their knowledge or consent.

Try and reach a compromise with your wife and suggest that you ask your parents if they have any objection to your wife taking the relevant things from their house. 

If she objects to that or if you think your parents would not agree, then it would be more appropriate to purchase your own groceries.