Dear Massi, My mum is getting married again.

This is causing enough problems in our family, but she wants a really big wedding. 

She’s getting an expensive outfit made which is red with a new gold set designed and she has booked a make-up artist. They are even going to do a ‘first dance’ on the wedding day. 

They’ve made a video montage of their special moments together to play to guests on the wedding day. 

All this planning is so inappropriate for a woman who is 66. Especially considering our dad only died two years ago. This whole incident is concerning.

The man she is marrying is 17 years younger than her.

We think he is marrying her for her money. We can’t not come to the wedding but this is now becoming embarrassing. 

My brothers and sister and me really don’t know what to do. 

Massi says, You are talking about your mother getting married again as if she is doing something immoral or wrong. 

Your mother is entitled to happiness and if she has found a man she wishes to spend her time with, then it would be better if you and your siblings embrace that rather than finding fault in it.

If she wants to have a big wedding, let her enjoy her day. 

You seem to be more concerned with your own reaction to this instead of realising that your mother has made this decision of her own accord and planning her wedding is making her happy.

Dampening your mother’s happiness with your negativity is very unfair.
Let her enjoy her time and try and be happy for her.