I am from London and I recently met a guy online who also lives in London.

Everything was going well over messages and texts and emails.

Naturally we wanted to meet up.

When we met, I got a huge shock because he has a really strong northern accent.

He hadn't mentioned that was originally from up north.

His accent is really thick and I couldn't even understand some of his words as he seemed to be swallowing his vowels.

And he kept saying 'innit.' 

I know teenagers use that kind of language, but a professional man in his early 40s who works in the city should not speak like that.

I am not being a snob and we do get on really well.

But I do feel his accent depicts a huge class difference between us which will cause problems further down the line.

Should I end things now or give his accent a chance to grow on me?

Massi says, You have already forecast future problems in this relationship when there are none in the present.

You say that you and this man have a good rapport with each other.

Your only concern is his regional accent which has highlighted your own class prejudice.

You are entitled to having preferences in what you like in a partner, but to end a relationship over an accent is rather harsh.

If you feel you cannot embrace this man's background, then it is better to be honest with him now and not pursue this relationship rather than misleading him.