Dear Massi, There was a dawat (dinner) at my in-laws house recently but I didn’t want to go.

I pretended to have a migraine so my husband went on his own.

When he was there he sent me a picture of the food.

I replied and said bring me back some of the gosht pilau.

He told his mum who packed some in a box. 

When I opened the box I found rice, about 5 bones and no gosht. Not one single piece.

I can’t believe my mother-in-law would be so stingy.

Should I say something to her?

Massi says: It seems you are being rather biased about this whole incident.

On the one hand you refused to attend a dinner party at your in-laws home and lied about being unwell.

Yet you expected to enjoy the food even though you did not make an effort to attend.

It is likely that much of the food cooked was consumed by guests thus any leftovers may have been scarce.

You have taken this matter very personally, unnecessarily so, without considering how your in-laws and husband would have felt about you feigning illness.

I would say you need to grow-up a little and make less criticisms of others efforts.