Dear Massi, I have met this really nice girl and we get on really well.

I have never met anyone like her before in my life.

The issue is she is a little overweight. I do not care what she looks like but my friends have made comments.

My sister also called her a ‘bit mottee (fat)’ which wasn’t nice. I like her and she is a good person.

She doesn’t know that these comments have been made.

When we go out and when I see someone I get a little apprehensive and try to avoid popular spots. I know it is cruel but if I feel like this now, what will happen in the future. 

I feel like I am a bad person and I should accept her as she is but my friends keep making joking comments about her. It is really affecting me now.

Massi says: You claim that this woman’s weight does not bother you, but then you spend the entire letter proving that you actually do care very much.

Her weight and her body is up to her to maintain as she sees fits.
For you to feel embarrassed by her size is a reflection of your own superficial nature.

The fact that you resort to taking her out to places when you don’t risk being seen is utterly reprehensible.

Rather than subjecting her to further ridicule, it would be better to break up with her kindly rather than continue this charade.