Dear Massi, I am worried that my fiance is not good looking enough.

I am thinking about children and I don't want them to have a disadvantage because they are not attractive.

I am much better looking than my fiance- this is not me bragging. Everyone says so.

Everyone says he is lucky to have me.

He agrees. Now I am just being practical. It's one thing me being nice enough to marry a man who would never be able to attract any other beautiful woman, but I have to think about my future children.

It won't be fair on them.

I don't want people to make comments saying it's a shame they look like the dad and not the mum.

I know it sounds cruel but the truth is this is what people say.

I think I should break up with him, but should I tell him the truth or tell a lie so he doesn't get upset?

Massi says, We all have our reasons for picking our life partners.

You too must have seen positive attributes that made you agree to marry this man.

If now, however, you feel physical features are your priority and that you are in some way doing this man a favour by marrying him, then it would be better to end your relationship than to subject him to your superficial demands.

Rather than giving your fiance a false excuse, it would be better for you to be honest with about why you no longer envisage a future together.