Dear Massi, My ex-wife is behaving terribly. 

She has already given away the wedding dress my parents bought her and now she has sold the jewellery they gave her too. 

She keeps posting her tantrums on Facebook which my friend’s wife then screen shots and sends to me.

I told my ex that I want the money for the jewellery reimbursed to my parents. She went and blocked me so I can’t contact her. 

It’s bad enough that she has no respect for the money my parents spent on her,  but sharing this stuff on Facebook is below the belt.

I really am at a loss. I don’t know what to do. 

Massi says, It must be very disheartening for you to see things that your parents bought being discarded and sold in this way.

From your ex-wife’s perspective, she may be doing this in a bid to move on from your divorce. 

Emotions for you both are bound to be heightened following the end of your marriage. 

Rather than focusing on your ex-wife’s actions and her social media posts, look now to your own future.

Try to distract yourself with positive people around you. 

Time is a healer and distance from your ex-wife will help you heal emotionally and mentally.  But you must remember that it is her property after all.