Dear Massi, I went out for dinner with a man that my parents set me up with. 
It was going surprisingly well.  

We ate a lot and laughed a lot.

When the bill came I thought it was only polite to let him pay as my potential future husband should be expected to buy me dinner, not the other way round.

He looked at the bill and then all of a sudden started an argument from nothing. 

I was sat there so shocked watching him and then he just walked out.  I was left with an £80 bill.

When I told my parents they rang his parents up to complain.

His parents had the audacity to say their son was right to leave me with the bill as I had ordered two starters and two main courses for myself.

They said I was being greedy and their son shouldn’t have to pay for my big appetite. 

My parents were so insulted.

I want to get him back but don’t know what to do.

Massi says, The man in question appears to have handled the situation rather tactlessly.

It is understandable that he was surprised to see what the bill amounted to, although that does not justify creating a scene and storming out of a restaurant.
You are perfectly entitled to order whatever you like when you are out. However, it is only fair to offer to pay for a meal.

Ordering two main courses is your choice, but expecting someone else to pay for that is presumptuous and unfair.

Rather than trying to ‘get back’ at this man, move on from this episode.
In future, suggest a way of splitting the bill.