Dear Massi, My mother-in-law has become a nightmare since she got a phone.

She watches videos and films on her phone all day and doesn’t move from her bed unless she absolutely has to. There is nothing wrong with her phsysically.

She used to come down for breakfast but now instead sends me a WhatsApp message telling me to bring her breakfast to her in bed.

She does the same for lunch and dinner.

It is just so annoying and makes me angry.

I try and stay offline so she doesn’t know I have read her messages.

Part of me is glad as she stays out of my way in the kitchen and doesn’t interfere so much with how I am with the kids.

But I still get really irritated every time I get a WhatsApp from her.

Should I tell her to stop being so lazy?

Massi says, As irritated as you may be with your mother-in-law embracing technology and using it to her advantage, you have simultaneously articulated why it is of benefit to you.

There is always going to be a degree of compromise when one is living with their in-laws, from both parties.

If you claim your mother-in-law’s absence from the kitchen is beneficial to you and your routine with the children, then complaining about bringing her meals to her room is unfair on your part.

Rather than being critical of your mother-in-law, why not look at how the change is in fact a positive thing for you.