Dear Massi, My husband left the house for a trial separation.

We haven’t even been married for a year.

I’m upset enough over this, but the day he moved out his sister sent me a WhatsApp message saying ‘I told you I’d make him leave you. Only sincere duas come true.’
Then she blocked me so I couldn’t even reply to her.

I have so much anger inside me but I don’t know what to do.

Massi says: Your sister-in-law’s actions are inexcusable.

You are already enduring stress due to the split in your marriage. You certainly do not need to contend with spiteful messages from his sister.

Rather than focusing your energy on someone who is no longer an important entity in your life, take some time out for yourself.

Allow yourself time to deal with the breakup of your marriage. 

Stay in contact with friends and family who are supportive.

Stay away from any toxic elements in your life such as your sister-in-law and channel your anger in a constructive way to make a positive future for yourself.