Dear Massi, My husband has become so embarrassing recently in the warm weather. He has stopped caring about his appearance. He doesn't think it's inappropriate to wear the clothes he sleeps in when he goes out.

He literally goes to the shops and school in his shalwar and t-shirt.

It makes him look a lot older than he is.

He says he wants to be comfortable and he thinks he's making an effort as he alternates his shalwar from the blue one to the green one to the beige one. 

I told him the sight of him has started to repulse me. He said there are plenty of women who would appreciate a man in  shalwar and t-shirt.

I want to throw all of his shalwars in the bin but I know he'll just buy more different coloured ones to spite me.

What shall I do?

Massi says, You have made a calamity out of your husband's chosen attire. Your words are harsh and your attitude is rather unfair. 

This may not be your choice of preferred clothing but it is your husband's choice to wear what he feels comfortable in. 

If you refrained from being so openly critical about his dress choice and supported him instead you may find he is more receptive to your opinion.