Dear Massi, My husband has made no secret of the fact that he can't stand my family.

He says they don't give him the respect he deserves.

He expects them to drop everything when he goes to my parents house and that they should wait on him hand and foot.

Once he didn't get any dinner at the house when we went over as they had already eaten, he stormed out saying he had been insulted.

The he demanded that my dad call him on the phone and apologise to him.

It's one thing after the other.

Now my sister got married and my husband  was upset that the clothes my parents bought him for the wedding weren't fancy enough. He called my parents cheap and on the wedding day he turned up wearing his jeans just to prove his point.

My parents were so embarrassed but they can't say anything in case he kicks off again.

I have had enough of him. I don't know what to do.

Massi says, It is unfair on you to be in a position where you are constantly having to defend your family's actions to your husband.

It is particularly unpalatable that the joyful occasion of your sister's wedding was marred by your husband's reactions to clothes that were gifted to him.

It is important to talk to your husband at an opportune moment.

Communication is key.

Explain to your husband how he makes you feel when he speaks about your family in this way.

Tell him that your parents' intentions are always with good will. 

If they don't meet his standards or expectations, then ask him to be more accommodating towards your parents who are trying their best to treat him as part of the family.