Dear Massi,Ever since me and my husband got my mother-in-law a new phone she has been making our lives so stressful.

This is her first time with a mobile phone.

I wish my husband never downloaded WhatsApp for her.

Now she video calls me about five times a day.

She says she wants to say hello to the kids or remind me that’s it prayer time. Then she video calls in the evening to see what my husband is eating.

I eventually blocked her on WhatsApp but then she started video calling my husband because she couldn’t get through to me.

Now my husband said if I unblock her and take her video calls, he’ll buy me a new ring.

I hate that he’s resorting to bribing me. But I do want the ring.

How do I tackle these obsessive video calls?

Massi says, As imposing as it seems, your mother-in-law is not being malicious towards you when calling. 

She simply wants to keep connected with her loved ones.

Why not introduce her to some other features on her phone that will keep her occupied.

As a parent it will not always be feasible for you to answer your mother-in-laws’s calls every time she is free.

Rather than blocking her, don’t answer the call if you are busy.