Dear Massi, I like my sister-in-law but I’m getting fed up of her taking money off my husband. 

Ever since she left her husband she’s been struggling financially so she keeps taking handouts from my husband.

I understand up to a point but it has been three months and I think she needs to get on with her life.

It was her choice to leave her husband so really she needs to deal with the financial complications. 

My husband just tells me not to worry because it doesn’t affect the money he gives me. 

But I think she’s being greedy by relying on her brother for money.
Should I talk to her directly?

Massi says, You appear to be taking a rigid and unsympathetic approach towards your sister-in-law.

Try and consider the situation with more kindness.

Your sister-in-law must be enduring an upheaval in emotion at the moment and your husband is simply trying to support his sister.

If you were in that predicament would you not expect your family to support you?

Your husband has made clear that assisting his sister financially
is not affecting your personal finances so you have no reason to worry.