Dear Massi,  My mum and mother-in-law had a huge argument and now they’re not talking. 

Me and my husband don’t know what to do.  It was over something really trivial. 
They were disagreeing about how to clean the tavaa after making parathas. One said to use fairy liquid. 

The other said plain water is fine.

That disagreement led to a really heated argument.
My mother-in-law started complaining that there was no meat at a recent family poori and called my mum’s family cheap.

My mum retaliated and said that my mother-in-law emotionally blackmails my husband into buying expensive things for her and that he should be saving money for his own family. 

It has all gotten out of control and we don’t know how to handle the situation.

Massi says: A strained relationship between in-laws can have far reaching effects, dampening relations on all sides.

It is only natural that both you and your husband are upset by the arguments between both your mothers.

Find a moment when your respective mother’s are in a receptive mood and explain how the situation is making you feel.

Tell them that it is very important for you both that they move on from the arguments and try and repair their relationship.

Reassure them both that you love and respect them and that you don’t want external issues affecting your relationship together.

Tez Ilyas says: Goodness Gracious Me. If I know desi aunties - and I know desi aunties - this is going to run and run. 

Your best bet is to get your husband and kids and leave the country. 
Don’t tell anyone where you’re going. Get off the grid, back to basics, some jungle somewhere.

 Come back in 17 years and hopefully by then, they’ll just be coming to the end of their disagreement, give or take a savage comment about loon mirch here and there. 

I hear Peru is really good, it’s where Paddington Bear is from, summat for the kids innit.