Dear Massi, I am mortified-I walked in on my father-in-law when he was sitting on the toilet. 

I don’t know why he didn’t lock the door. 

I haven’t been back to the house since it happened. 

I will have to go there sooner or later. How do I handle seeing him again?

Massi says, You have created a catastrophic scenario from something that was relatively innocuous. 

You are both adults and you clearly did not intrude on his privacy on purpose. 

Stop worrying about something so trivial and next time knock before going to the bathroom in your in-laws home.

Tez says, Kasam, you’ve made a proper mountain out of a dejhka of halwa. Simple solution yeah.

Next time, before you walk into any toilet, get your phone out, open up Snapchat, put it on that fairy filter (you know, that one that makes everyone look like a pretty princess) and in that case if anyone is on the toilet, at least they’ll look really nice.

As for the damage already done with your father-in-law, just act like America does when Israel bombs Palestine… pretend it didn’t happen.