Dear Massi, I’m getting married soon and there is so much to do.

But my fiance seems to be more worried about getting himself ready for the wedding than with helping me organise it. 

He has started to get his eyebrows threaded regularly and now he got them tinted.  He’s getting proper obsessed with it.

He even wants to get blue contact lenses for the wedding because he thinks it will compliment his new look.

I hate his new look.

The last time we went out, he spent more time looking at himself on his phone than he did looking at me.

What can I say to him?

Massi says: You are about to get married and embark on a lifelong journey together. 

An important part of that journey is communication and compromise from both parties.

We are accustomed to women preparing themselves cosmetically for their wedding.

However, it is not unusual for men to have similar beauty regimes in advance of a special occasion. 

If you feel it is monopolising his time, speak to him about this.  

Not talking and holding onto anger can turn into resentment.

Explain how you are feeling and that it is both of you involved in the wedding, therefore, both of you should be equally involved in the planning aspect.