Dear Massi,  I want to ask for advice. 

This is the first time something like this has happened in my life but I had a physical practical prank played on me by people whom I know but am not friends with. 

It was unprovoked and I have done or said nothing to these people. 

They egged me and put flour all over me whilst videoing me although the video has not been put on the internet as far as I'm aware. 

This has really upset me and I want revenge. 

I find this worse than a violent attack. 

This is all the worse whilst I am lonely in life and on top of that already going through bad times. 

I can't bear the humiliation and also letting them get away with it. 

Police is out of the option. What should I do?

Massi says, It is very unfortunate that you were at the receiving end of such a juvenile prank and it is understandable that you are furious with the actions of these men.

Rather than seeking revenge which will only serve to exacerbate the situation, don't socialise with this group of people who have no respect for you. 

You say that you are lonely and going through a bad time at the moment.

It is difficult being lonely, but keeping the company of men as you described will not help to alleviate your loneliness.

Get involved in social groups with like minded people.

Keep yourself occupied with activities that you enjoy and try to put this incident behind you.