A family of seven said they were finding it difficult to find flight tickets like many other Brits stuck in Pakistan.

Taariq Iqbal of Birmingham said the family had travelled to Pakistan for a wedding and say they now find themselves in ‘a desperate situation’. The situation has been made more serious as one family member died back in the UK from Coronavirus.

The British government alongside PIA organised flights from Manchester, Heathrow and Birmingham on April 12. An update by the British High Commission in Pakistan said that 7,758 passengers have now come to the UK in 22 flights over nine days since 4 April.

New flights have now been announced to bring Britons back to the UK.

However, many British Pakistanis have spoken out about the lack of correspondence and the price of tickets.

Taariq said, “The plight we find ourselves in has become even more harrowing because my sister learnt of the passing of her father-in-law to Covid-19 back in England whilst we have been stuck here scrambling for flights.

“Her husband is also with us and is struggling with the grief of losing his father which is being heightened by the stress and trauma of not being able to get back home.

“My father suffers from type 2 diabetes and several heart conditions which require medication and I’m concerned that this medication supply is running low. My sister is also a high risk with conditions including Hemaplaegic Migraines and Angina.”

Taariq added, “From the information tweeted by Christian Turner, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan a couple of days ago, we were led to believe that a deal was made with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to repatriate Brits.

“However, in this update he announced that there are very limited tickets available and each customer would have to spend £800-£900 on a one-way ticket.

“Firstly, that would be difficult for us as a group of 7, as it could cost us over £6000 to try and get back home. Secondly, it does not seem that these tickets are available for purchase anymore.

“Our original tickets were booked with Turkish Airlines to return back to the UK on 28 March, but these have been cancelled three times now. This is really making us anxious and we do not know what to do next.”

Taariq who himself is a pilot said he would be happy to assist with repatriations.

“I should also mention that I hold a Commercial Pilot License and would be happy to help in this crisis to repatriate fellow Brits. I have contacted Senior Management from PIA to ask if there are any positions available and told them of my willingness to help fly people home but I have not had a response yet.”

British High Commissioner Christian Turner said, “We know the frustrations some of you have had with PIA with industrial action and cancellations as well as costs. We’ve worked hard with PIA to address these issues and to offer financial assistance to those who genuinely need it.

“PIA told us they would no longer fly daily to the UK. So Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has agreed that we can organise a series of charter flights to get more Britons back home. These flights will be fare paying and will probably take some time- the rest of this week to set up."