It is a Saturday and this traffic chaos is unavoidable.

These images are from Barbara Castle Way, Blackburn today and show the traffic at a standstill because some great higher power decided to block off one lane causing a queue all the way back on to Preston New Road.

Now, I am not going to moan about road works because they are necessary.  I applaud those who work on the roads. But I don't think this has got to do with an ordinary error of judgement from any human being. I was going to blame some EU directive but I can't even do that anymore.

I think I speak for the wonderful people of this town, no this county, no this country and point out something quite simple. You see there is really no need for this road or other roads to be blocked off in this way. Not at the weekend when there is no-one actually working on the stretch of road.

If this was the first time this has happened we wouldn't have an issue with it but it isn't.

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I am sure there is some explanation why it is was decided that this lane should be blocked off but I am at a loss to find out what it is.

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I am also pretty certain this very 'crime' has been committed across the length and breadth of this great nation. But we let it happen over and over again because we like to follow the rules, even if they are in this case completely and utterly stupid.

Today, I could see the frustration and disbelief on the faces of motorists who had waited patiently in the queue only to realise that they had in fact been fooled. They had been hoodwinked and made to look like a bunch of chumps. There were no road works. There were no work men. There was no need for these cones to be placed in this way.

It was like being in some dystopian society where the people are made to work all week and spend their precious free time in a pointless line only to find out that the grand prize is more pain.


A Blackburn with Darwen Council Spokesperson said: “We apologise for the delays caused but it was necessary to maintain the lane closure over the weekend due to emergency works required on a water main leakage at the junction with Victoria Street. The issue only became apparent on late Friday afternoon and United Utilities completed the repair over the weekend.”