I am dumbfounded at the lack of response from those in our community who allegedly promote peace and cohesion.

This issue has unwittingly united different sects within Islam, and with the exception of a few, the vast majority of scholars and imams are advocating extra judicial killings under the guise of honouring the prophet.

Some Imams have publicly declared their admiration of the killer who repeatedly shot and killed Salman Taseer, the Governor of Punjab, Pakistan in January 2011.

Many in the Muslim community in the UK and Pakistan believe Qadri the man who gunned down Salman Taseer, is a martyr.

This notion that he killed to protect the honour of Islam is not only wrong but evil.

There are also those community leaders within the Muslim community who believe killing is wrong but are in a permanent state of paralysis because they fear for their lives or livelihoods if they dare openly condemn blasphemy laws and or killings in the name of religion.

However, these same people find their voice when Muslims are on the receiving end of injustices.

I also ask all people of decency to ask for the immediate release of Asia Bibi.

Asia is the woman who is on death row after being found guilty of blasphemy which for all intense and purposes was a kangaroo court and for whom Salman Taseer lost his life.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has suspended Bibi's death sentence for the duration of the appeals process.

In November of 2015, Bibi's lead attorney, Naeem Shakir, announced that, after two postponements in 2015, the Lahore High Court would hear an appeal in Bibi's case on March 26, 2016.

Far too often, I encounter many Muslims who espouse liberal values and yet when certain issues in particular, criticism of Islamic interpretations are raised they forget peace, compassion and forgiveness.

The double standards and hypocrisy is not only the reserve of the 'West' it also permeates throughout the Muslim world. If you asked any Muslim to describe the ills of the West, you will get a long list and mostly they have good reason to sight them.

I for one, have over the years challenged and raised awareness of the injustices, unjust laws and discrimination in the 'West' which happens to be my birth place and residence. but more importantly, do I apply the same criteria when it involves Muslim countries? I will let others judge.

Charlie Hebdo killings and now this, are clear indicators that Muslims need to be doing lot more to promote peace and cohesion.

The vast majority of imams/scholars give overt or tacit approval to 'any means necessary' to protect the honour of the Prophet.

The Pakistan Government has said that leadership of all religions and religious sects of the country has already announced to support and endorse ’Blasphemy Law’ and debates to annul ‘Blasphemy Law’ is an attempt to create chaos and anarchy in the country.

The blasphemy law does not need revising it needs repealing. It has cost countless lives and it is an affront to humanity.

People should condemn in the harshest terms possible all those who propagate killing in the name of religion.

Some of these Imams and others of the similar ilk should not be afforded any public platform to promote their twisted ideas.