If you have a penchant for meat then this place is made for you. I walked into this place by accident more than anything else and I am glad I did.

Customer service can make a hell of a difference to your visit. Here, they only had a table for four but two more guests decided to join us later on. The owner was more than helpful and moved us to the premier table in the restaurant.

This, during a period when it was obvious he was very busy.

Established in 2013, Rump N Ribs steakhouse offers Halal Aberdeen Angus beef. There may not be a huge amount on the menu, something we sense is done on purpose, but what there is certainly makes up for the lack of choice.

Take your pick from the 16oz T-bone steak, rump steak, sirloin T10 oz, prime chicken breasts and buffalo ribs. The idea here is to serve you quality steaks cooked to perfection. This was in fact a huge breath of fresh air for someone who has been visiting restaurant after restaurant who ‘thought’ they knew how to make a steak but were actually failing miserably. I had come to the conclusion that Asian restaurants should stick to making the curry and naan – something they are good at. Rump N Ribs proved to me otherwise.

I have to say the steaks are not cheap. You are looking at spending at least £23 for a steak and some sides. But when they cook them like this who honestly cares? It is worth the extra couple of quid. Try the home made mash and the special sauces. If you are going to spend close to £20 on a steak don’t cheapen the experience.

However, I do feel the steak may well be enough for some people.

On top of that they did have some pretty nifty cocktails.

Great presentation all round I have to say.

You may have to book ahead as the restaurant isn’t that big.

It is based opposite the Library in the city centre. A car park is nearby. It is open from 5pm and also open during lunch hours from 12pm.