We all know having your hair down in Summer gets really annoying.

No matter how long we spend loading our hair with products, the moment we step out the house, the next mirror you pass, you see your hair is no longer the perfect style you left with, instead it’s become a frizzy mess and you’re having a really bad hair day.

So let me share with you my favourite go-to hairstyle for the ultra hot months.

The Top Knot bun.

For starters it prevents your hair from sticking to your neck, looks super cute and modern, leaving you with the perfect finish to your summer look.

This look can be created with any length of hair and is simple, quick and easy to follow (giving you more time to spend out in the sun!) Supplies needed: Boar bristle teasing comb Hair elastic Bobby pins Fudge skyscraper hair spray Step 1: place hair in a high, slicked back pony tail.

Step 2: take a section of hair from the ponytail and tease the hair.

Step 3: wrap teased hair around the ponytail.

Step 4: place bobby pin to secure the hair.

Step 5: pull pieces of the bun down to create desired shape.

Step 6: secure with pins.

Step 7: hair spray the top knot bun and any fly always.

Voila! You’ve created your own modern and edgy top knot bun in minutes!