Just like food expires so does makeup and when it does it can be harmful so you should throw it out.

By now most of us know that we should throw our mascaras away after 3-6 months but when should we throw nail polishes and brow pencils out?

Most products now come with a guide on the packaging, a little tub like image that says 3M/18M etc meaning 3 month/18months but it also comes down to common sense.

As a general rule liquid/creams expire quicker than powders but keep an eye on the colour, texture and scent of a product. If it changes it is usually a sign that it has gone off so don’t keep using it.

As all my products are for personal use I don’t stick to the ‘rules’ too closely and if its a product that I’ve only used once and smells/looks fine than I may keep it for an extra few months but that’s up to your discretion.

The one group I would try to stick to is the first one, get into a habit of throwing away Mascara, liquid Liners and makeup sponges every 3-6 months to avoid infections.

Lipsticks and Lipgloss have around a 12-18 month life span although I find lipgloss to typically go off quickest.

Some foundations, especially tinted moisturisers only last 12 months but some vary so once again it’s worth checking.

Pencils for brows, lips and eyes as well as cream blush/shadows and concealers typically last about 18-24 months.

Powder items like eyeshadow, setting powders, blush and bronzer usually last the longest at around 2 years although if your nail polish is still well mixed and applying well I would say it’s still good to use too.

Admittedly I need a clear out too, I get attached and find it so hard to part with some items.