India-born Serena Kern's releases on her new EP On the Rishi Rich Label.

Serena, who despite having a high-flying career as a lawyer in a top London firm, still finds time to do her daily voice exercises.

Growing up listening to many Rishi Rich productions, she decided to get in touch with him and having heard her voice and ideas, she found herself in a studio in Atlanta creating her new EP, Dream.

Serena said: “I have always liked to experiment with sounds from various cultures. Rishi is a master of fusion music and this EP has a particularly strong Indian flavour and theme throughout, from instruments to other featured vocalists on the tracks.

“The title track is Dream. It’s an upbeat song and a throwback to my teenage years. I think the sound we created in this track is completely new and different to anything else out there and I am particularly excited about this one.”


There are three other songs on the EP: Burn, Chase the Sun, and Run Away “Emotion filled ‘Burn’ is about having to let go and move on in life. ‘Chase the Sun’ and ‘Dream’ are very upbeat tracks, evoking images of youth and summer, joy, young love and striving for happiness against the odds. ‘Run Away’ (which features Kiran Dhanoa) is a portrayal of the struggle in a relationship for control and it is an emotion packed track”.

Serena is from Tamil Nadu and is half-Swiss.

Consuming various genres of music, it wasn’t until she got to university and began singing at open mic sessions that she discovered how in love with music she really was.

Singing mainly cover versions, she quickly realised that she wasn’t able to connect with the songs and decided to give songwriting a try.

She explains:“In a way, you are opening up very intimate aspects of your life as a songwriter.

"Once I started writing, I found that it immediately had an impact on my singing as it became more believable and I was able to have an emotional impact on the audience. It was from there that my music took off.

“People always ask me how I balance law and music and whether I find time for my music. My answer is that no matter what, music is a huge part of my life.

“There is not a single day that goes by that I am not doing something music related, whether it be writing a new song, practicing for a gig or doing my voice exercises. Music is an intricate part of my life, an outlet that influences and feeds off other aspects of my life. My mother is an artist and to some extent I feel I do with words what she does with her art.

Dream is available via iTunes.