Little tricks! I have come across a few secrets and I want to share them with you.

I love wearing jewellery. I have a few expensive rings, neckless’s and earrings that I treasure but I usually wear a lot of costume jewellery that I wear and some I adore but after awhile they start to turn my skin green which is not a good look.

Its just the metal reacting with your skin and copper is usually the culprit. To tackle this problem. I coat the inside of the rings and the chain of the neckless’s with a clear nail varnish, It works a treat but it does wear off so you might have to reapply every now and then.

In-between nail appointment I find myself pushing my cuticles back.

I do this without knowing. But the key is the keep them hydrated and a good way to do that is to use eye cream on them.

The more hydrated the cuticles the stronger the nail.

Now this one is a good one for tired red eyes, especially if you have a busy day ahead. Use white eyeliner on your waterline to make you eyes less red. Brill if you have had a late night.

If you suffer from greasy hair but have dry ends, don’t put conditioner on your roots just put it from the ears down.

Save products and makes the blow dry last longer.

This is a good one for all you ombre lovers. Afraid to wear red lipstick?

Use your fingers to put it on instead of using the tube. It will look more like a stain. Gradually you will be able to brave it and go all the way.

When you do make sure you use a lip pencil do make sure it stays where you put it. Hope you give these little tips a try..They work a treat.