A Bradford cricketer has complained to hospital bosses in Leeds after languishing for a week on their wards waiting for a simple knee operation.

Kamran Siddique, 28, of Carr Bottom Avenue, Bankfoot , Bradford, was playing cricket at Morley Cricket Club last Saturday when he was struck by a ball at very close range.

Mr Siddique, who works for Bradford Trident managing an NHS-funded Healthy Lifestyles Project, was taken to Leeds General Infirmary, where X-rays showed he had both fractured and dislocated his patella, with possible tendon and ligament damage.

He was taken to ward 35 where he was told an operation would be needed to repair the damage, and that it would take place on either Sunday or Monday.

“I was reassured I would be in and out under the hour,” he said.

On Sunday Mr Siddique was moved to a different ward and told to fast for an operation in the morning. However, the next day it was cancelled.

He asked about the possibility of transferring to Bradford to be closer to his pregnant wife and young child but this was ruled out by a staff nurse who said he would have to discharge himself and start all over again at A&E in Bradford.

On Monday he was told to fast in preparation for an operation, but again it was cancelled next morning.

Yesterday morning, at the end of his tether, Mr Siddique contacted the T&A to tell us: “This has recurred now on four occasions and I have now been occupying a bed in Leeds General Infirmary for six days and write this email from Ward 35 where I have now been returned.”

Mr Siddique wants hospital bosses to explain why no reasons were given for the cancelled operations and why he was told he could not transfer to BRI.

He added: “Professionally, over the past five years, I’ve worked tirelessly to improve patient experience and rebuilding the trust of the public in using Primary Care Services and in turn I feel utterly failed by the NHS.”

He was finally taken down to the operating theatre yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for Leeds Teaching Hospitals said: “The Trust has been contacted formally by Mr Siddique and a matron will be speaking to him today. We will then look into his concerns before responding to him.

“We are very sorry that sometimes planned surgery has to be postponed and try our best to avoid this. This has been an extremely busy week in terms of admissions needing urgent orthopaedic surgery and this unfortunately does have a knock-on effect on patients on our existing theatre lists.”