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We'll leave you with this from 37-year-old Daniel O'Connell, who watched the flame arrive at Alexandra Palace with his wife, their two children and his parents.

He said: "It is phenomenal. It has been a really great event. For the kids it is a once-in-a-lifetime. It has just added to the excitement of the Olympics - we have all had a great time and can't wait for the Games to get started."


So that's that. We've covered every step of the Olympic Torch Relay from the moment it was lit in Harrow this morning to its resting point at Alexandra Palace this evening.

Thanks for all your tweets, texts, pictures and videos, we couldn't have done it without you.

Big thanks to our reporters David Hardiman, Natalie O'Neill, Emma Phippen, Hermione Wright, Bruce Thain and our photographers Peter Beal and John McDonald-Fulton, all of whom spent a hot day chasing the flame around north London, getting quotes, pictures and live reports.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage.




The cauldron is lit on a big stage in front of a huge crowd, bringing a close to the torch's journey across north London on day 68 of the relay.


Olympic legend Daley Thompson has the torch. He's greeted by a delirious crowd at Alexandra Palace and the great athlete blows kisses and waves to the spectators...


The torch has arrived at Alexandra Palace...



A crowd of up to 1,000 is waiting to greet the torch at Alexandra Palace...

Asian Image: Ally Pally


Describing the atmosphere at Alexandra Palace, Bruce says: "Families from across the borough are enjoying the spectacle at Ally Pally in expectation of the torch arriving and gold-medallist Daley Thompson lighting the cauldron. Everyone is in good spirits and enjoying the music."


Reporter Bruce Thain has arrived at Alexandra Palace where the torch will end its journey through north London this evening.

Live music is being played to a crowd of up to 1,000, many of whom are taking up photo opportunities with one of the Olympic torches.

Former GB decathlete Daley Thompson will take the torch on the last leg of today's relay.

On his arrival at about 6.50pm he will light a couldron, which will stay lit until the relay begins again tomorrow.


The torch moves into Wood Green where a packed crowd is waiting...Picture courtesy of @SweetGirlNokz via Twitter.

Asian Image: Wood Green



The torch is moving down Lordship Lane towards Wood Green tube station. Day 68 of the relay will draw to a close at Alexandra Palace where the torch is expected to arrive at 6.45pm.


Bruce Wright was amazed to see the royal couple as he watched the torch pass through Tottenham.

The 55-year-old, who has lived in Tottenham for 23 years, said: "It is great for the whole community. To see the turnout for an event like this is wonderful and very heart warming. It is a big positive for the area and it shows the community coming together."


Torchbearers Bilal Kamal and Jay Kamiraz with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles on Tottenham High Road minutes ago...

Asian Image: Charles and Camilla


Emotional scenes in Enfield earlier as war hero Jack Otter carries the flame through Southgate...

Asian Image: Jack Otter



HRH Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles have greeted torchbearer Jay Kamiraz in Tottenham High Road.


James Lynch is waiting among a crowd of thousands in Tottenham High Road with his wife, their two sons, his nephew and his sister-in-law.

He said: "It's great. A bit of the Olympic spirit is coming to Tottenham. You really feel the Games are close now with the flame coming through. It is great for the children - a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is good to see so many people out."


June Clarke has just picked up the torch as we move into Haringey. Tweet us now using the hashtag #HaringeyTorch.




Crowds line Tottenham High Road where the torch is due to arrive any minute...

Asian Image: Tottenham torch


The torch is making its way down Fore Street into Upper Edmonton and reporter Bruce Thain is among the crowd in Tottenham High Road, where the flame is expected in nine minutes.

He said: "It is getting pretty manic - I have to say it really is buzzing here. Everyone is in good spirits, waving flags and cheering. We have a lot of Spurs flags as well. Everyone is hungry with anticipation and the excitement is really building."



Haringey Independent reporter Bruce Thain has just spotted Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles arriving in High Road, Tottenham.

The royal couple are due to take a tour of the Mencap building before greeting torchbearer Jay Kamiraz as the Olympic Flame moves through Tottenham.




A photographer tries to get the best shot as the torch passes Southgate College in Enfield, carried by Kelly Nodding-Scott...

Asian Image: Enfield 3


Maria Georgiou, far right, outside Southgate College.

Asian Image: Enfield 2


A few pictures sent in by you this afternoon...

Asian Image: Enfield Torch 1


The torch is moving along Church Street where the crowd is five to six people deep on both sides of the street.

We'll soon be moving into Edmonton...


Pensioners Bert and Lilias Aldridge are among 50 people enjoying the atmosphere on picnic benches outside The Bourne Methodist Church, in Enfield.

The married couple arrived at 3pm to make sure they were in plently of time to catch the torch as it passed through a short time ago.

Bert said: "The fact is, when you see the torch, you feel you have participated in the games. We got a really good view and it has been wonderful."


Maria Georgiou, 40, has lived in Enfield for four years and watched as the torch passed through moments ago.

She said: "It is lovely - this is the first time I have felt a sense of community here since I moved in. It has been really nice. The music was wonderful - it felt like the Notting Hill Carnival. It has been a brilliant day."


Back to Enfield though, where Dirk Heutte is about to take over the flame from fellow torchbearer Vanessa Turner at the corner of Bourne Hill and Green Lanes...


Razia Karim sent in this picture of her daughter Lylaah Bhalerao and friend Nikki Storch as the torch passed through Finchley Central earlier today...

Asian Image: Finchley torch


Wonderful scenes in North Finchley earlier today as 15-year-old Michael Murphy, who suffers from a rare degenerative disease, is passed the flame for his leg of the Olympic Torch Relay.

Asian Image: Michael Murphy


Torchbearer Kelly Nodding-Scott gets things underway at Southgate College as the torch heads towards Green Lanes along The Bournes.



Enfield Independent reporter Hermione Wright has hot-footed it across to Southgate College where she says a strong crowd is gathered.

The relay is about to get going again after a 20 minute rest break for the tireless torch team.





Emotional scenes on The Green in Southgate as war hero Jack Otter, who lost both legs and one arm in an explosion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2009, passes through with the torch.

The 24-year-old, who has undergone more than 30 operations, spoke in March about his dreams of walking his part of the relay and, with the help of prosthetics, he was able to do so today.

Reporter Hermione Wright, watching from the sidelines, described the scene: "He looked choked with emotion as he came through and the crowd was cheering him on with every step.

"His family are in the crowd and there were huge cheers when the announcer pointed them out."


Enfield Independent reporter Hermione Wright in the crowd on The Green, Southgate: "Loud boos rang out a moment ago when police cordoned off one side of the road, blocking the view of hundreds of people who have been waiting for a long time to see the torch."


Enfield North MP Nick de Bois is among the crowd. He said: "I'm really pleased - it is a little bit of history and a great occasion. I have some of my family here and I just hope we can see something. The barbecues smell great - so far, so good."



The torch has moved into Enfield and reporter Hermione Wright is mingling with a 1,000-strong crowd on The Green, in Southgate.

She said: "People are having barbecues, waving flags - it's so hot. Parents are putting toddlers on their shoulders so they can see and we're expecting the torch to come through in the next ten minutes. It's a great atmosphere."


One more of Rupert Grint for you Harry Potter nuts...

Asian Image: Grint


Up through Friern Barnet now as we move towards Enfield...






Huge turnout in North Finchley as the torch passed through, carried by inspirational teenager Michael Murphy.

Ramesh Tandel, from North Finchley, said: "It is fantastic. We loved every minute and we were delighted to have seen the torch."

Mehreen Baig, 22, from North Finchley, added: "The atmosphere was great. We saw the flame but it was hard to see very much because the crowd was so big. It is lovely that so many people came out to see it."


Michael recently underwent major surgery but completed his stint of the relay with the aid of a wheelchair.


Michael Murphy, who suffers from rare degenerative condition Dejerine-Sottas, is carrying the torch up the Great North Road.

The 15-year-old from Mill Hill is hoping to compete in the dressage competition in the 2016 Paralympic Games.


Times Series reporter Emma Phippen is among the crowds in North Finchley High Road.

She said: "It's like a carnival. People are dancing to the music, waving flags and making plenty of noise.

"For some reason they haven't closed the road so there is total chaos with cars queuing back in the opposite direction.

"The advertising buses are here so the torch will be coming through any minute."



The torch is passing Victoria Park, in Ballards Lane, where further celebrations will take part into the evening.


Emma, a buyer at Debenhams, has raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK after losing her mother to breast cancer one week after she turned 18.


26-year-old Emma Adamson is next to take the flame as it moves up Ballards Lane towards North Finchley.




Shireen Yousefi, 13, from Whetstone, joined thousands of people lining the streets of Hendon as Harry Potter star Rupert Grint got the torch relay back under way.

She said: "It was really exciting. It was really cool to see Rupert Grint - I'm a big Harry Potter fan. It was really special to see the torch here - it makes me more excited about the Games. I feel like we're a part of it now."


The torch is making its way to the Church End Library, in Hendon Lane. Due to arrive at 2.10pm.





He was setting a good pace there with a pretty full-on jog. I doubt the torch security guards who have run every leg of the journey so far will be too pleased given that it is day 68 of the relay.


The torch relay is back underway and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has just carried the flame past the Times Series headquarters in Church Road, Hendon.


From Times Series reporter Natalie O'Neill via Twitter: "The Borroughs is swarming with people ready to catch a glimpse."


Hundreds of people are lining Church Road, Hendon, in the build-up to the next leg of the Olympic Torch's journey through north London...




She said: "Carrying the Olympic torch was a dream come true. I remember the last London Olympics and I never thought I’d see another, let alone carry the torch. I was very surprised when I learned that I had been accepted.

“I really enjoyed carrying the torch, it was an honour. The crowds which came out to see the relay were very supportive.”


100-year-old torchbearer Diana Gould was nominated to carry the torch for her voluntary work in inspiring fellow residents in her leasehold retirement complex to remain fit and active.



Diana Gould with the torch...

Asian Image: Diana Gould


As the torchbearers take a well earned rest, here's what Francesca Storey, a member of the 7th Mill Hill District Rangers, made of it all.

The 15-year-old said: "It is a really good atmosphere and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The 100-year-old torchbearer was really great - she was always smiling and waving to the crowd."


The scene outside our offices in Church Road, Hendon. The torch is due to pass through at 1.46pm...

Asian Image: Church Road


Boris on oldest female torchbearer, 100-year-old Diana Gould: "I think it highly unlikely that I will be running when I'm 100 - she really is amazing. She even did it without her stick. She is what the Games are all about."


Boris greets torchbearer Diana Gould at Middlesex University where the torch will remain until 1.45pm...

Asian Image: Boris Hendon


Diana Gould, the oldest female torchbearer at the age of 100, has arrived with the Olympic Flame at Middlesex University in front of a noisy and excitable crowd.


The torch arrives at Middlesex University...Picture courtesy of @alan_s01 via Twitter.

Asian Image: oldest torch bearer


Watford Way "total gridlock" as thousands of people flock to see the Olympic torch arrive in Barnet.

Reporter David Hardiman says people have stopped in the traffic and got out of their cars to catch a glimpse.


Thousands lining the streets in The Burroughs as the Olympic torch arrives at Hendon Town Hall...


Boris Johnson and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint due to arrive at Middlesex University any minute.

The red-haired actor will re-start the torch's journey at 1.45pm after the lunch break.



The torch will head to The Burroughs, Hendon, where the torchbearers will take a one hour break for lunch.

Among those greeting them at Middlesex University's Hendon campus will be London Mayor Boris Johnson.


The Olympic Torch has arrived in Barnet...


Mill Hill 7th Girl Guides at Hendon Town Hall waiting to see the Torch...Picture courtesy of @SJBarry via Twitter.

Asian Image: Guides Hendon


Crowds are gathering near Hendon Town Hall as the torch makes its way towards the borough of Barnet...Picture courtesy of MPS Barnet.

Asian Image: Hendon crowd building


Times Series reporters Emma Phippen and Natalie O'Neill are heading up to The Burroughs, Hendon, in preparation for the torch's imminent arrival.


Harrow Council said 100,000 people turned out to see the flame pass through the borough...

Asian Image: Harrow Crowd 3


Thousands of people lined the streets, waving Union Jack flags and getting into the Olympics spirit...

Asian Image: Harrow crowd 2


Children waiting to get a glimpse of the Olympic Torch in Harrow this morning...

Asian Image: Harrow Crowd 1


The Olympic torch makes its way through a bustling crowd in Church Lane, Brent.

Celebrations will continue into this evening in the borough with a party at Alexandra Palace.


Despite being tied to my screen for the majority of today, I will catch a glimpse of the flame as it passes the Times Series headquarters in Church Road, Hendon, where people are already starting to gather. Save me a space at the front folks!


Goalkeeping legend Gordon Banks lights the torch to begin his leg of the journey as the flame heads towards Hendon...Picture courtesy of @IQStudents via Twitter.


Asian Image: Gordon Banks flame


Meanwhile, Harrow Council reports that 100,000 people turned out to watch the flame pass through the town centre.

Thousands of people are still milling about where live music and entertainment has kept the celebrations going.

John Stevens was among the crowd with his sons Ben, 7, and David, 4, all of whom were dressed in Team GB kit and waving Union Jack flags.

John said: "It was fantastic. There were so many people and you could see everyone was having fun seeing the torch. It is great to see the Olympics on our doorstep."



Short break for the torchbearers at Wembley Stadium before 1966 World Cup-winning legend Gordon Banks begins the next leg at 11.33am.


The torch arrives at Wembley Stadium...Picture courtesy of @charlzmatienzo via Twitter.

Asian Image: Arriving at Wembley


To clarify, Wembley Way, as it is usually called, has been re-named Olympic Way for today by organisers to mark the flame's journey.



The torch is outside Wembley Stadium...


As the torch makes its way through Wembley, crowds are already gathering in Hendon as anticipation builds for the iconic symbol's arrival.



Waiting for the torch at Wembley Stadium...

Asian Image: Torch Wembley


The torch is making its way to Wembley Stadium where goalkeeping legend Gordon Banks will carry the flame down Olympic Way.



Donna John and her three daughters watched the torch pass through Harrow town centre this morning.

One of the young girls, 12-year-old Miah Obi, was part of the cheerleading squad that performed outside the civic centre as the torch went by.

She said: “It was really good and I was very proud. My mum put me in for the cheerleading squad, I didn’t even know about it and it was really good.

Mother Donna added: “It was really good to get out and for something to be happening in Harrow, even if it was for just ten minutes. It makes you feel good.”


MPS: "Crowds in central Harrow - full of peope cheering. Fantastic reception."


Asian Image: Crowds in Central Harrow.



Cheerleaders keeping everyone entertained in Station Road.

Asian Image: Cheerleaders


Hundreds of people gathered in Harrow town centre as the torch made its way through, moments ago.

People waved flags and banners while cheerleaders and Hindu drummers from the nearby temple added to the fervent atmosphere.

Reporter David Hardiman said crowds were four to five people deep.


The torch is coming.....Picture from Harrow Council

Asian Image: Harrow council torch)


Volunteer steward and mother-of-three Jane Munroe was with the flame at the start of its journey in Harrow this morning.

She said: "It was brilliant - such fun. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -the atmosphere was fantastic and it was so well organised.

"Everyone is so excited about the Olympics now, we're just buzzing for it to get started."



The torch leaving Headstone Manor

Asian Image: Torch bearer Harrow)


The crowd of about 200 at Headstone Manor has turned its attention to the family fun day being put on at the heritage museum.


The celebrations include live music, food stalls and will culminate in a party this evening.


Meanwhile, Saskia Campbell prepares to take the Olympic Torch on the next stretch of the journey through Harrow.


Excitement is building at the Harrow Civic Centre as crowds of people wait to get a glimpse of the iconic torch.


Harrow Council leader Bill Stephenson: "We're really honoured to be at the start of the relay and you can see everyone is having a wonderful time."



Joanna Hyams has lit the torch at Headstone Manor and the relay has begun its journey towards Harrow Civic Centre.




Harrow reporter David Hardiman is reporting from Headstone Manor.

He says: "Everyone is in a jovial mood. The sun is shining, it's very hot and everyone seems very excited.

"I've spoken to a couple of today's torchbearers who said they were starting to get a little nervous."


Crowds have gathered at Headstone Manor in Harrow as the torchbearers prepare to start the first leg of the Olympic Flame's journey across north London this morning. 

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10:37am Wed 25 Jul 12

Treenut says...

LOVE this Live Webpage with Photos and Info! Kudos Chris Hewett & Hendon Times! Keep spreading the love Hendon Times!
LOVE this Live Webpage with Photos and Info! Kudos Chris Hewett & Hendon Times! Keep spreading the love Hendon Times! Treenut
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Windy Miller2 says...

An Olympic sized pain in the neck.

Olympic rolling roadblock is a more accurate description.

Boo, Hiss, down with this sort of thing.
An Olympic sized pain in the neck. Olympic rolling roadblock is a more accurate description. Boo, Hiss, down with this sort of thing. Windy Miller2
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Babayaga321 says...

Please check out my FB site for pictures of the Torch relay through your area and also around the rest of the UK! If you have any photos of your own you can also post them there! Enjoy!

Please check out my FB site for pictures of the Torch relay through your area and also around the rest of the UK! If you have any photos of your own you can also post them there! Enjoy! https://www.facebook .com/TrackTheOlympic TorchUK Babayaga321
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ponderman says...

This has slowed down the traffic imeasurably and has therefore caused me to miss The Simpsons, happy I am not.
This has slowed down the traffic imeasurably and has therefore caused me to miss The Simpsons, happy I am not. ponderman
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